Tree Services

We provide a complete range of practical tree services to suit all requirements. From planting and transplanting to pruning and removals we can provide a safe, efficient and reliable service irrespective of the numbers of trees involved.

Tree Pruning

Trees require pruning for a variety of reasons including development of an appropriate form, light enhancement, conflict with buildings, or to reduce hazards to persons and property from structural defects.

Treescape can provide safe, efficient and practical solutions to all your tree pruning requirements whether they are in confined spaces or in open parkland settings.

All pruning work conforms to Australian Standard 4373-2007 Pruning of amenity trees and is performed with regard to the effect of the work on the tree’s health, structural stability and aesthetic value.

Non injurious climbing methods are employed in all pruning works.

Tree Removal

We provide the skills, techniques and equipment to remove trees in any situation safely, efficiently and with a minimum of disturbance. The safety of property and persons is of paramount concern at Treescape.

Appropriate techniques are employed to ensure that you, your property and the general public are protected during the removal process.

Planting and Transplanting

Treescape provides expert planting and transplanting services for both trees and Palms.

We can advise on the suitability of any given species for transplanting and manage the entire transplanting process if required.

Our expert advice and management will ensure the best possible chance of survival for your trees.

Customer Review


“I was very happy with the job the boys have done and will not hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone requiring tree lopping services. Very prompt very polite and your communication skills are 1st rate.”

- Mark

Professional Tree Services

Treescape offers a completed range of tree related services from tree pruning and removals through to consultancy and tree management plans to a wide variety of private, commercial and local government clients.