Mulch Sales

Organic mulches provide raw material for essential organisms like earthworms that contribute humus to the soil. For organic mulches to be effective, they need to be spread to a depth of about 100 to 150 mm and you'll need to add a bit every couple of years as the chippings closest to the soil's surface break down.

Amongst many benefits of mulching your garden beds are,

  • Significantly reduces the evaporation of moisture from the soil surface and is therefore an essential part of water conserving gardening
  • Maintaining a consistent level of moisture in your soil is a big part of growing/maintaining healthy trees that are better able to tolerate/resist insects and diseases attached.
  • Slowly increases soil fertility through decomposition.
  • Significantly reduces weeds, depriving weed seeds of the light they need to germinate and those weeds that grow and are very easy to remove.
  • Reduces soil erosion and compaction caused by wind rain and foot/vehicle traffic.

To order mulch simply go to the request a quote page enter your details and area you wish to have mulch tipped.

(The mulch will be delivered by truck and tipped in allocated area, if allocated area not suitable another area will be chosen)

Customer Review


“I was very happy with the job the boys have done and will not hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone requiring tree lopping services. Very prompt very polite and your communication skills are 1st rate.”

- Mark

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